Current Lectures (2023-2024) @ENAC

  • System engineering: Requirement Engineering & Verification and Validation
  • UAV project development for MSc IATSED

Former Lectures (2018-2023) @UPVD and @ISAE-SUPAERO

  • Introduction to Systems Engineering (Systems Engineering Advanced Master)
  • Python Algorithmic and Programming (L1 Mathématiques)
  • SQL database (L2 Informatique)
  • Mobile robotics (L2 Informatique)
  • Web programming (L2 Informatique)
  • Linux system administration (LP ADMISYS)
  • Introduction to R (L2 Mathématiques)
  • C/C++ Algorithmic and Programming (M1 CHPS)
  • Python Programming (L1 Mathématiques)
  • Deepening and management of databases (DUT GLT2)